Sunday, 3 February 2013

More Establishments for Bees

More Bee Hotels!

Due to the (assumed) popularity of my first Bee hotel I have endeavoured to make a second, slightly more elaborate, version.

This Hotel is a birthday present for my talented other half who made me this lovely gift for Christmas:

Could probably do with more chocolate and less chisels but you can't have everything in life.

As I explained how amazing bees are and why you should make them somewhere to live in my earlier post (, I won't go into it here. Instead here are some pictures of the latest addition to my ever growing empire of hotels, B&Bs, hostels and rented spaces for the discerning bee.

Again made entirely out of recycled (or upcycled?) material, mainly an old pallet and a fruit crate. You can find the original design here.

 Thank God for Instructables.

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