Sunday, 22 April 2012

I like Lego

I like Lego.


I like to take pictures. of things.

I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity go to places that make taking pictures super easy, and super fun.

2,000 feathers

This isn't me.


I've always had a taste for dressing up. Saying that, I don't remember begging Disney costumes (or more likely Marvel or DC) when I was a child or dressing up in my parents clothes and pretending to be this or that.

It my late teens when dressing up became a booze related affair, I fell in love with it. I liked it because it was fun and silly and because I never minded making a fool of myself (some might say I liked that too much; attention Comes in many forms you know :) )

Before long I realised that one of the things I really loved about fancy
dress was the opportunity to create, to feign artiness. And the beautiful thing about FD is that no one really expects it to look good (especially when you're a student). It is often, by naturescruffy, thrown together and silly.

I love it.

(Left to right: Filthy love heart, evil jester, Ash (Evil Dead: 2), Edward Scissorhands, Optimus Prime, Tygra.)

Recently for some obscure and unknown reason I decided to make wings. It was important to me that while they may not actually fly they could at least move. Expand. Spread.

Four yards of bamboo, one white sheet, two brake cables, three coat hangers, two sheets of card, an old backpack, an old shirt and 2,000 feathers later I had....wings.

(not to mention 3 rolls of electrical tape, two tubes of super glue, a ball of string, various nuts and bolts and gallons of elbow grease.)

The thing I loved most was the challenge, with a lot of thought, some ideas from other people online and a lot of trial and error I managed to make them spread when  you pulled a cable at the back

I should mention straight up that this took me longer
than anything should ever take anyone.


Days of hunched shoulders and gluing and testing and feathers. Feathers everywhere.

In the end I don't care what anyone else thinks, they are fucking cool.

Bicyclecycling. It's the kind I like.

Cycles. I like them. It's  now known to be a thing that everyone knows about me. It's the kind I like.

Every single person I see regularly got bored, I'm sure, of me talking about building a bike. So lets keep words to the minimum shall we?

I'm not the first person to do it, I'm definitely not the last. It is special because it is mine, I made it and I can use it to get places.

I made it mostly from old bits of bikes.

Except the shiny new wheels my friend made me.

This is how it started.

Then with sanding (so much sanding) .......

and priming....

and, I'm sure, a million other stages....

And finished.

Oh wait, it's changed since then, brakes and handlebar tape and I put some shiny new bits on when old bits wore out or I could afford nicer ones.

Must find a swish photo without my goofy face in it to replace this one.

The red tire rims were accidental. I like them.

Yosemite Retrospectively.

For a while this will be retrospective. A chance for me to fondly remember. A bit of bulk to get started. Hopefully in time I can update with projects as I go.


Lets hope I go. Get going. Keep going.

Why Blog? Why this blog?

I felt early in life an inadequacy when it came to being creative.

The whole idea of creativity was lost to me, a distant place I had neither the understanding nor the means to reach.

It always felt that either you are or you aren't . Creative. You are. You aren't. Am I?

I decided I would try to be, with no map or compass, only other people's work to admire and to covet. Time to spend, and a desire.

This is a place I don't need to share with anyone else necessarily, but if I have created something I like this is where it is, where it will be. A log, a place for it all to live. A journal.

Because photos are easier to me than words mostly this will be (pretty?) pictures of the ways I've spent my time.

I almost always enjoy this more than anything else.
Andy B being excellent

Listen while you browse.