Sunday, 22 April 2012

Why Blog? Why this blog?

I felt early in life an inadequacy when it came to being creative.

The whole idea of creativity was lost to me, a distant place I had neither the understanding nor the means to reach.

It always felt that either you are or you aren't . Creative. You are. You aren't. Am I?

I decided I would try to be, with no map or compass, only other people's work to admire and to covet. Time to spend, and a desire.

This is a place I don't need to share with anyone else necessarily, but if I have created something I like this is where it is, where it will be. A log, a place for it all to live. A journal.

Because photos are easier to me than words mostly this will be (pretty?) pictures of the ways I've spent my time.

I almost always enjoy this more than anything else.

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