Sunday, 22 April 2012

Bicyclecycling. It's the kind I like.

Cycles. I like them. It's  now known to be a thing that everyone knows about me. It's the kind I like.

Every single person I see regularly got bored, I'm sure, of me talking about building a bike. So lets keep words to the minimum shall we?

I'm not the first person to do it, I'm definitely not the last. It is special because it is mine, I made it and I can use it to get places.

I made it mostly from old bits of bikes.

Except the shiny new wheels my friend made me.

This is how it started.

Then with sanding (so much sanding) .......

and priming....

and, I'm sure, a million other stages....

And finished.

Oh wait, it's changed since then, brakes and handlebar tape and I put some shiny new bits on when old bits wore out or I could afford nicer ones.

Must find a swish photo without my goofy face in it to replace this one.

The red tire rims were accidental. I like them.

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